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Little Wyatt Tate

Little Wyatt Tate

It was 1894 and not a good time to be a poor Black sharecropper in south central Alabama. The Civil War was an all too fresh memory,as was slavery. But there was one Black sharecropper who would not stand by and let himself be cheated ad disrespected by whites, and that was Little Wyatt Tate. For this he would be hunted down like a dog. Little Wyatt Tate, a novel by Bill Tate about his ancestor, is loosely based on tales from a shameful time in our nation's history. We see Little Wyatt as a man who really was only concerned with taking care of his family. But when an ignorant cracker tried to cheat Little Wyatt out of what was rightfully his, all the rage he had known all his life came forth. He became an outlaw, but he also became a legend. In this book, he lives on.  
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    Written by Bill Tate

    Multicultural Publications
    Akron, Ohio
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