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I Gotta Make It To Heaven For Going Thru Hell

I Gotta Make It To Heaven For Going Thru Hell

An absorbing book that tells the stories of three African American women bound together by a genuine yet sometimes complex friendship. Summer, Renee & Constance are moderately successful professional and self-employed women living in NYC. The focal point of the story is Heaven, a beauty salon owned jointly by summer and her husband, David. Constance is a single mother employed at heaven, while Renee "the diva" is a frequent customer at the shop. All are seemingly independent and share certain similarities although their personal situations and lifestyles vary greatly. The delicate thread of friendship bonds the three women and while tested, the women fight to maintain these bonds to help them through their personal endeavors. The outcome is an exhilarating ride that combines aspects of Love, Family, Commitment, Deceit and ultimately Redemption and Triumph...but will it be for all?
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    Written by Iesha Womack
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