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He stood in the middle of the court and imagined a nice place to play tennis. If you had seen it in 2004 your imagination might not have seen what he saw. In May 2004 there were torn nets and missing nets. There were broken bottles, dog excrement and discarded drug paraphernalia. Living in the neighborhood he thought it was a disgrace that he could not bring his young nephew to the tennis courts to play tennis.


 After talking with good friend Dr. Phil Clifton, I learned that Dentistry is a lot like law; if you don’t know the law, it can become very costly and if you are not knowledgeable about your mouth it can also be very costly. I felt the readers of my newsletter would find this information helpful and a very valuable cost saving and that is the focus of my article.

Sail On

Summer 2011

 The very first time I went on a cruise I had no idea what to expect. The one thing I did recognize was that it was an expensive endeavor. But the price seemed to be so very worth it. You spend a lot of money for a week’s long trip. But what makes the cruise an attractive vacation jaunt is that everything is included. Once you pay your money your room, your food and your entertainment is included.  

 For those of you old enough to remember, you may recall the days of back doors, undergrounds and side entrances. They were the entrances into speakeasies. They were created as a result of the Prohibition Era as they were the havens for the manufacture and sale of illegal alcohol. The etymology of the word was based on keeping the noise down in the establishments that sold illegal alcohol so as not to draw attention to them. In spite of what spurred the creation of speakeasies, behind some of those doors was the music that was unique to America.- -Jazz.

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In our communities we are so often trying to protect our property, investments and family homes. Unfortunately, we make choices that do us more harm than good. Some landlords have become landlords by default, both mom and dad have passed on or we have inherited the brownstone from Uncle Al, with all of the headaches associated with it. What is generally the major part of the headache is the presence of tenants, who for whatever reason, decide it is no longer in their best interest to pay rent.

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