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Here at Myatt Legal we offer 30 years of legal services and much more in order to create solutions that are beneficial to our clients. We handle criminal defense ,real estate ,landlord/tenant, matrimonial, civil,corporations,litigations,consumer,contracts,name change and immigration laws.

criminal,civil,real estate,corporations,contract,matrimonial,name change,litigation,consumer,guardianship and estate law. Legal services and much more.

Kenny Milord


Kenny Milord

Incarnation Elementary School followed by Saint Francis Preparatory High School were Kenny Milord’s two fertile educational grounds.  There Kenny became actively involved within the community volunteering his time at any given opportunity.  Whether it was with the Church as an altar boy or volunteering his time as a member of the Haitian-American Club. During these years Kenny also participated in track and field running the 200 meter dash. All of these activities and more allowed Kenny to challenge himself to be the best.  Kenny wanted to be the best because he wanted to be a good lawyer.

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