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The banking industry was rapidly seeing banks merge with one another and thus when Manufacturers Hanover Trust merged with Chemical Bank, Shirley leapfrogged to the Chemical team as a senior systems engineer. Because of her diligent work ethic the company asked her to remain after both the Chase and JPMorgan mergers. JPMorgan made the decision to outsource Shirley to technology at IBM in the Global Services division where she continued to lead and was promoted to Director managing a large team working on multi-million dollar deals. When the Bank One merger happened Shirley returned to JP Morgan Chase and never skipped a beat.  As Vice President in the Infrastructure Programs and Projects division she contributed $2.4 million dollars to organizational cost reductions through eliminating jobs, releasing high priced contractors, improving Fulltime Employee/Fulltime Contractor split and bringing contractors to rate card.

Always used to carrying a heavy load, Shirley obtained a B.A. in Organizational Communications from New York University while working full time. Shirley is also a licensed Notary Public and a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who partners with the client to achieve the desired goal of mergers and acquisitions.


Shirley enjoys working with customers in all capacities.  Shirley also has the ability to motivate workforce teams to do just about anything, but you must come prepared to work - - and work hard. Shirley has managed matrix teams, structured a global team of 33 staff members who managed the delivery of business driven programs and projects with a focus on customer satisfaction, schedule and budget.  Shirley has implemented a mentoring program to match junior resources with a more senior resource in order to increase proficiency within the overall project management discipline. Shirley has successfully promoted staff members through her meticulous coaching and mentoring in efficiency.

Why does the firm need a project manager like Shirley you may ask? Shirley Payne has the discipline to plan, organize, motivate, and control resources to achieve a quality product. Shirley has also created tools, tips, techniques, and approaches that assist the firm in delivering exceptional service. Shirley is a dedicated, proficient and diligent project manager. And I would say that even if she wasn’t my sister.

Shirley Brown

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